A comprehensive guide to replacing your iPad battery

Have you noticed the decline in your iPad’s performance? It could be due to a faulty battery. Usually the batteries lose their ability to hold the charge and an iPad battery is no exception.  However, replacing the battery in your iPad can extend its usability.

Make sure that you keep the following things in mind before replacing the iPad battery.

Find out about the iPad model

Before you start with the battery replacement process, you need to identify the iPad model. Each model has its distinct design and the battery replacement procedure can vary.  You can find out about the model on the back of the device or in the settings app under General and then About. Write down the model number because it is necessary when purchasing a replacement battery.

Get your horns on the necessary tools and parts

You will need some tools and a replacement battery kit. The usual kit comprises of a new battery, an opening tool, a Phillips head screwdriver, and an adhesive strip to reseal the iPad. You need to have all of these tools and parts in hand before you proceed with the replacement.

Make sure you back up your data

Before you open your iPad it is important that you back up your data to avoid any loss. You can make use of iCloud or iTunes to create a backup for your important files and photographs. This is one way of ensuring that if something goes wrong during the replacement your data will be safe and protected.

Open the iPad by removing the screws

Make use of the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws around the edge of the iPad. Use of the plastic tool to gently pry open the case. You need to work slowly so you can avoid damaging the device.  Once you open the iPad, you should be mindful of the cables that connect the front panel to the rest of the device.

Locate the battery and disconnect it

Find the battery connector on the logic board and carefully disconnect it. Once you have disconnected the battery, it is now safe to remove it from the iPad.

Time to install the new battery

Get the new battery from the replacement kit and carefully install it in the same location as the old battery. Reconnect it to the logic board and ensure that all connections are secure before you proceed to the next step.

Seal the iPad

Use the adhesive strips to seal the iPad back together. The case should be securely closed before you power on your iPad.  When you have installed the new battery and sealed the iPad, check if it is functioning properly and the battery is charging as expected. It might take a full charge and discharge cycle for the battery to reach its optimal performance.

Replacing the battery of your iPad is a pretty straightforward process if you keep the above mentioned steps in mind. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend the lifespan of a device and enjoy a better battery life.

However, if you think that you are not able to handle the battery replacement on your own, it is better to seek professional iPad battery replacement. You can visit an authorized service center and take your iPad for a new battery.